Good news for CM and Sm families

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Good news for CM and Sm families

Postby Rebecca Gentry » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:30 pm

My 9 year old son Christian had decompresion surgery last June. Before surgery he had loss of bladder control and sever pain in his legs when exerting himself. His CM is to T11 and his SM is from T3-t7. Since surgery he has total bladder control and his leg pain is COMPLETELY GONE!!! At our 4 month check up his SM had decreased in size. Dr. Frim at Uof C did the surgery. He is wonderful! Christian did have a really hard time recovering from surgery. He was in the hospital 10 days and threw up 60 + times. He also has multiple food allergies and a feeding tube. It seems like he only gets hunger or thirsty signals sometimes. They say it has nothing to do with SM or CM. I just wanted parents to know there is hope! We will do a 1 year check up MRI and then after that neuro appointments as we feel needed!
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Postby dtyree » Fri Jan 18, 2008 9:39 am

It is wonderful and uplifting to hear good news!!

I do hope your son travels along a road of continued good health, which will be of great help to him as well as you and your family.

Thank you for posting the positive side of this disabling disease and may you both have a bright future ahead of you!!

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