Surgery technique

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Surgery technique

Postby nomadmom » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:46 am

My DS had a flexion x-ray to check his c-spine before we schedule his surgery. The NS says she takes c-1, but if the xray shows something she may have to take c-2 and then do a fusion. She also said she opens the dura and then uses a microscope to check inside the arachnoid space. She also cauterizes the tonsills. She is part of a three doctor team of pediatric neurosurgeons. There are two surgeons in the operating room at all times. She says her partner does not open the dura. However, they assist and support each other with their different techniques. She also said that she usually gives an all clear for contact sports after decompression, but her partner said no way will she give all clear for contact sports. I was just wondering if these techniques are what other surgeons do?
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Re: Surgery technique

Postby razzle51 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:53 am

Sounds like these NS need to get on the same page. Maybe you need a 2nd opinion . Dr. Menenez or Dr. Frim . Where do you live? R
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Re: Surgery technique

Postby jupes » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:07 am

My DD is still being managed conservatively! From what I have read in articles about decompression surgery and from others who have posted on this all of this sounds very common. Cauterizing the tonsils are not always done but some NS feel this is needed in certain cases. The Doctors sound like they have experience with chiari. Unfortunately, not all NS agree on surgery technique and there is somewhat of a controversy in the NS community! From your other posts it sounds like another opinion is not an option because of insurance! :roll: If you wish to get another opinion prior to surgery I know some Doctors like Frim will review films and give an opinion without seeing you. Not sure if Menenzes or George do this?

As for activity restrictions, neurosurgeons seem to have different opinions on this. Our Ns only advises no contact sports such as wrestling/football but says all other activities are ok for my DD. I use my own judgement too and do limit activities that I feel are too strenuous or could cause a whiplash type injury! Too much strenuous activities do cause my dd to have increase symptoms and pain! Trust your own instincts! :wink:

Good luck!
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Re: Surgery technique

Postby bharvel » Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:55 pm

I have also been told by three neurosurgeons of different ways to do surgery. Most do not touch the tonsils,but then have to do the surgery several times. I hope you have had success from your surgery. Which neurosurgery did your surgery and what procedure did they use. We are confused and need to find a good neurosurgeon. Thanks.
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