MRI shows syrinx smaller (with no intervention)

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MRI shows syrinx smaller (with no intervention)

Postby SamuelsMom » Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:41 pm

We received some great news from my 8 year old son's most recent MRI. It appears that his idopathic syrinx has significantly decreased in size. It runs from T8-12 and was 7mm in diameter. This scan reads "Syringomyelia identified at T8-12 has decreased in diameter, it now measures a maximum of 2mm in diameter". The scan goes on to say everything else is normal. With the findings stating significant decrease in size when compared to prior studies. I am completely amazed and thankful and want to celebrate. I have read about spontanous resolution specifically in children and pray this could be happening to Sam. I am so very guarded with the information and really don't know what to think. A quick history of Sam is that this syrinx was found completely incidentally. He had a CT scan for what we now know to be a ruptured appendix, he was very much infected. He has since had an appendectomy and all health issues resolved. Just left with this idopathic syrinx that he doesn't appear to have symptoms from. So of course I come to you all looking for answers/opinions. What should I think? Do syrinx get smaller and then fill back up? Why might have it gotten smaller in diameter with no intervention? What might I expect from here? ANY information will be appreciated.
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Re: MRI shows syrinx smaller (with no intervention)

Postby GrimeyGal » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:55 pm

Yeah!!! What fabulous news. I will pray it stays gone forever.

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Re: MRI shows syrinx smaller (with no intervention)

Postby jupes » Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:53 pm

Great news!!!! There are so many unknowns with this that even the experts can't answer. The questions you ask are some of the unknowns the experts are trying to figure out about this disorder. I believe in the power of prayer and would say this is a miracle!

I didn't realize his syrinx was so wide 7mm-and no symptoms! Wow! Glad he is doing so well and it has shrunk! Some have small narrow syrinx and experience a lot of pain and other symptoms! I hope they will continue to monitor him with periodic MRI and neuro exams to make sure things don't change. I know that would give you some peace of mind too!

My daughters syrinx is 3mm c5 to c7 area and she was having a lot of pain and other symptoms when first diagnosed . This past year she has very few/mild symptoms for reasons we do not know. Her syrinx was first thought to be ideopathic but turns out she has a borderline chiari. Our NS said that some kids he sees have decrease in symptoms/size as the skull grows and makes more room for csf flow. This is rare but My daughter is 13 and has gone through a rapid growth spurt the past year!? Maybe this is the case for some ideopathic syrinx like Sams!?

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Re: MRI shows syrinx smaller (with no intervention)

Postby SamuelsMom » Sat Aug 15, 2009 6:55 pm

Thanks for your response. I really don't know what to think or expect from here. I have wondered daily about the Sam's idopathic dx and often questioned the cm0. Sam's scans have been read by Dr. Frim who also felt it was idopathic. I will push for regular exams and scans to monitor any changes. Jupes, glad to hear your daughters symptoms have decreased. I appreciate the feedback.
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