Equipment tried list, 10 year period

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Equipment tried list, 10 year period

Postby nmaddiso » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:50 pm

Biomorph desk w/ biomorph office chair--NYC designer Biomorph
Apple track pad
Dragon Speak
Swedish roller bar mouse
The Lafouma recliner
Theratherm heating pads(buy 2, a neck shaped one and a rectangle one every 6 months)
2 recliners -LazBoy super long and wide recliner and an electric recovery from surgery recliner that's more stiff,more narrow, better for semi reclined positions- I switch between the two
An iPod with several apps, like airmouse, Pimsleur language learning(for studying French without using my arms or sitting at a book), wyse(allows iPod to become touch screen for your PC), DNS app, Flashcards app(can d/l huge database of subjects esp languages, and most important can turn on a slideshow mode for hands free studying)
-eye tracking system and a dot tracking system for different body parts
-touch pad pc-Motion computing tablet pc, an e-ink ereader
- foot pedal mouse, foot pedal buttons
To b continued
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