I love my shopping cart!!

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I love my shopping cart!!

Postby SheilaMarie » Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:09 am

And no, not just the one I push around Wal-Mart! When we started using Sams to save money, carting all those super-sized items and bringing them into the house was killing me! So I finally asked a local grocery store (they were remodeling, and had stocked all new carts) what they did with their old ones. Fortunately, the guy I asked was my best friends husband, and he knows about my husband and my problems, and he left for a minute, and came back and asked, where are you parked? Of course, it helps that we have a pickup truck, I don't think you could fit one in a car. And we have a wheelchair accessible home too, or it wouldn't do a bit of good. But having that grocery cart out there in the garage has been such a huge blessing to me-I'm usually tired and worn out when I get home anyhow, and then all of that "stuff" has to come in the house and be put away-by ME! The grocery cart turns it into a "one-trip" deal from the truck into the kitchen, then I still have enough energy to put it all away. Especially the bulky, heavy items like soft drinks, laundry supplies and kitty litter. I do like the new concentrated laundry detergents-why didn't they think of that years ago, when I had 3 little kids at home and laundry day in, day out??

I suppose a garden cart would do the same thing, but I never had much luck with dollies and/or little personal shopping carts. We do have a wooden garden cart, but it is much too wide to go through the doorways. That's what made me think of a shopping cart.\
Hope this helps someone!
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