Need advice please

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Need advice please

Postby BeThereMom » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:01 pm

SS told me yesterday that my husband and I make too much money to get disability money for our 12 year old to help pay for home care equipment and remodeling our home to be wheelchair friendly for her. So that's it? Told me to try to get her qualified for Medicaid. I am a teacher and my husband is a children's social worker, we are not rich. Does this sound right? Is there nothing we can do?
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Re: Need advice please

Postby karenb » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:29 am


When I looked into SSI for my parents, the income and resource restrictions are pretty severe.

I found a table with the income limits at;107/4/790/T2.

For a two-parent household, the basic income restrictions listed are as follows:

number of children Maximum earned
without a disability monthly income
0 $2,687 ($32,244 per year)
1 $2,944 ($35,328 per year)
3 $3,201 ($38,412 per year)
4 $3,458 ($41,496 per year)

This information may be a little dated. Basically, they're not saying that you and your husband are "rich" - it's more like they're saying "you're not poor enough".

Keep careful records of all your remodeling expenses - they may be deductible. Also, check whether there is local/state resource that can help - here, we have something called "the ability center" that is sponsored by the state to connect people to available resources.

For my home, I ended up using "portable" ramps - like the kind that fold up - they're sturdy and can be bolted into the floor. In many areas, there are public service organizations that are willing to assist with modifications - I used to do some of this type of work with the Telephone Pioneers of America, for example, but they are far from the only service organization that does this type of work.

Good luck!

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