Upcoming Surgery

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Upcoming Surgery

Postby Mary Alice » Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:21 pm

Hello to all. I have questions that I know you have answered many, many times. I have read a lot of the posts, but now that it is my turn for surgery, my brain is turning to mush, and I can't remember anything!
I have ACM that has progressed fairly rapidly from 4mm to 12 mm, and the conclusion seems to be that the progression is linked to when I fell backwards and hit my head on a picnic table a couple of months ago. Now, why did I have such crazy balance issues if the ACM wasn't all that symptomatic yet? Who knows?

SO, I then went to my first Neurosurgeon visit and got referred for an MRI to check for syrinx. They found a syrinx from C-2 to C-4, very narrow but concerning all the same. Over the past four weeks I've had rapidly progressing symptoms and new onset of symptoms that has all led to the conclusion that I need to have surgery.

Decompression is scheduled for June 26th at Baylor in Dallas. I am glad to be having it done. I had posted in some other places that I am also an occupational therapist and am having some trouble adjusting to being on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

I have three kids, ages 10, 7, and 4, and a wonderful husband who are all being as supportive as they know how. My mom is coming from Florida the day before surgery and is staying at least a couple of weeks to help out with everything. I am doing my best to get everything as organized and prepared for her and my husband as I can before surgery. Unfortunately, my headaches have just gotten brutally worse, and the number of functional hours I have in a day has decreased dramatically.
It is certainly frustrating!

All of that background is to say that I would love to hear all of the pre-op week suggestions as well as hospital suggestions. I think I have a plan, but hearing it from those of you who have been there would be a blessing!

Also, for post-op at home, what type of meds did you find you really needed? My NS says he thinks his patients actually find the muscle relaxers to be the most vital (even more important than pain meds). Anyone agree with that?

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. This board has been a true blessing!
Hugs to all,
Mary Alice in Texas
Mary Alice

upcoming surger

Postby Jenintexas » Sun Jun 17, 2007 6:49 am

Hi Mary Alice

I just has surgery at Baylor and you are in great hands. The nurses in ICU are just wonderful. They will keep you as pain free as possible while you are with them. I forgot if you told me which Doctor you choose? I had Dr. Finn and he is just wonderful. I was very impressed with not only what he did on me but also what the hospital staff told me about him. He is very well liked. But he doesn't do muscle relaxers at all. He has me on a pain killer and in the hospital he had me on toradol (spelling may be wrong) but it was a triple action anti inflammatory. He might put me on relaxers when I go back a week from Monday to have the stitches removed but he said that relaxers make you feel more healed then you really are so he likes the healing to take place prior to getting them. The pain meds work fine for me. THey are hydrcoine (that might be spelled wrong too LOL) Pre surgery I packed a bag but didn't have my DH bring it until they put me in a room. They will give you a bag for the cloths you have on and while in pre-surgery, surgery and post (ICU) you will not need anything. Prepare to be at your pre-opt appt a few hours. They go ahead and check you into the hospital the day before and that process took a long time. Wasn't too too bad though. When you get moved to your own room then you will be in good hands too. Just take it easy and rest. At home I can't sleep all the time but I try not to do much either. Just relax and move really slow. The only problem I have had since surgery is a very stiff neck. I do the little left to right movements to try and wk at out. my dh rubbed some green alcohol on it last night and I put a heating pad on it and it seems to be a little better. But if that is my only complaint I feel very blessed. I do have pain from time to time and that goes away with the meds. BUT the best news is its not the chiari pain. It is just where the surgery took place and funny my throat hurts from where they put all the tubes etc. But those will go away soon I am sure. I know you will be very very happy at Baylor. My doctor also impressed me with the cut. He took part of my scalp and used as the dura patch. he says some doctors take it from your leg but he doesn't want to scar me twice if he doesn't have to. The cut is only about an inch in a half on my neck below my hair line and then goes up another 2 1/2 in the shape of an upside down J. it looks as though he just made a perfect part with what he needed and cut along my part. Doesn't seem to cut any hair prior and if he did you can't tell at all. Its very pretty. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can answer anything else. I know I said this before but I LOVE BAYLOR. It is great that you are going there. Jenintexas
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