Taking care of the rest of your body

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Taking care of the rest of your body

Postby kmjofga » Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:34 pm

One of the things I had to make myself do is not ignore the rest of my body.

After being dx with TCS and SM I tried to rationalize that all my health problems were somehow connected to my neuro..

I have been seeing a lot of specialist for lungs, kidneys, and gastro. All of them have found bigger issues than my SM or TCS.

My TCS and SM have affected my colon and I developed not only Diverticulosis but also Diverticulitis. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

I have had four biopsies in two months.. and another one for another growth under my tounge.

Has anyone else gone through or going through that overwhelmed period where you get too focused on the spinal cord stuff?
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Postby mac » Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:40 pm

kmj, yes, I can relate to what you are saying. I think it's easy to be focused on the spinal stuff IF that is the biggest thing you are dealing with.

God forbid anyone have anything bigger than these NL issues, but if one comes along, it "can" budge that focus off the spine. I am going thru this now with testing for myeloma. Still asking for prayers on that one! And I am trusting God that I will be back on here next week (my oncologist appt is next Tuesday) with a very good report. But that can sure help you see the big picture!

But then again, with something like cancer, having the spinal stuff to focus on is GOOD, takes your mind off the bigger stuff. So....shrug!! ha!!


Postby specialmomx2 » Fri Jun 22, 2007 8:18 am

Excellent point! It is so easy to get focussed on the neurological stuf, that you ignore the rest of you. This situation is not helped by the way madicine is practiced in general, but don't get me started on that subject, or we'll be here all day! ;)

I am just coming out of that 11-mo period in which I though all my problems were neurological. In fairness, you don't think that seizures are anything but neurological, but it turns out in my case they are metabolic.

In the beginning, I saw a lot of specialists. Mostly because of the EDS; I had to see a rheumatologist, a pulmonarist, a cardiologist and an neuro-opthamologist. I sent myself to an ENT when my MRIs showed sinus trouble, and a dermatologist for skin problems. I guess I wasn't *that* bad! I covered a lot of bases! ;)

But not all of them: I just booked a full physical with my PCP (my first in years) and I will try to get in to see a GI too, as I am now wondering if my metabolic problems and various vitamin/mineral deficiences are stemming from GI problems.

...and then, when I am all done with me; I will have to go through a lot of the same with my kids. They are being evaluated for EDS in August.

what fun.

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