rentals while at TCI?

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rentals while at TCI?

Postby prism » Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:56 am

Hey you all that have been to TCI have you found places to rent wheel chairs for touring around town when not at TCI? Who should I ask-
thanks, prism

wheelchair rental

Postby prism » Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:06 pm


i stayed at the Floral Park Motor Lodge and easily found a little hole in the wall local pharmacy that rented wheelchairs- it was very cheap- only $25 for the whole week-
but warning- :shock: it wasn't of as much use as i expected. i only use a wheelchair here at home- in grocery stores, don't go out much otherwise. just use an arm to walk in and out of church occasionally-
anyway, i found that sitting in a wheelchair was very uncomfortable- i absorbed EVERY BUMP in the road- if it was a cobblestone road- foRGET it! it would make me so sick- better to try and drag myself along- even textured stuff, little rivets on the side walk made it pure misery for me- (hard to hold myself up, passing out feeling, pain- uck, uck, uck- are we having FUN YET???)
so my advice is unless you're really dying for some reason to see the sites- it's not really worth it--
if it weren't for my friend being there, i wouldn't have done so much- but anyway, that's all-

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