Emotional puberty issues??

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Emotional puberty issues??

Postby LIZARD110366 » Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:43 pm

I had this thought hit me like a Mack truck this afternoon. My 13 yo son had a particularly trying day today. He is high-functioning autistic and has a 13 mm ACM I. We seem to be getting into the beginning of puberty. His voice is deepening, he's growing like a weed, and just lately, my fairly easy-going kid has become whiny, sassy, and even somewhat depressed.

I had a realization about this after really losing my patience with him. I have hydrocephalus myself and have no recollection of either of my sisters going through anywhere near the weepy, depessed, sullen teenage years I did. In many ways, my son seems to be following the same path, and I'm wondering if this is a largely neuro-oriented thing. It would make sense in so many ways. I already know that hormonal issues are more of a problem for some of us. They certainly have been for me, so...has anyone--particularly anyone with a 12-17 yo--noticed this with ACM/SM?? Because of his communication issues, it's near-impossible for him to convey what he's thinking, but I suspect at least some of it is in his head--literally and thought-wise.

Anyone have a take on this?? It's scaring me in a lot of ways. My adolescence/teen years were SO awful. I'm terrified he's following suit. :(

Thanks for any wisdom you have!

LIZARD, Drew's mom :(
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Oh my-teens!

Postby Sara » Fri Aug 03, 2007 6:34 am

I have 3 teens now. My favorite book is Yes, Your Teen is Crazy. by Michael Bradley. I highly recommend it. "normal behaviour" for teens is whinny, sassy, cranky, depressed- lol. But I also have a hydro kid and those are similar symptoms, so I know what you mean, how do you tell the difference?

My twins do see a counselor and a psychiatrist because of an anxiety disorder from all the medical turmoil, so it helps to have an outside perspective on things. Excess anxiety-producing hormones are common in neurological impaired people, so I would have a professional check it out. It is easily treated.

Grit your teeth and do the best you can, mom. And hang on for the ride! :roll:
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