Kahli in hospital AGAIN!!!!

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Kahli in hospital AGAIN!!!!

Postby kahlismum » Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:29 am

Well here we go again... Lastnight Kahli had a drop attack and fell backwards down our stairs, we spent the night and all day in hospital with the usual...

Dr's scratching thier heads, she has numbness from her knees down, and pain the whole lenght of her spine... radiating sharp pains up and down spine. And can not stand, let alone walk.

The dr's have said they will refer her back to N/S but that will take time, they have kept her in again overnight for "observation" aand they will not do x-rays, mri or anything for her besides try to get her on her feet again.

Again i feel like she is just deteriating and all they are doing is alowing it to happen.

Kahli has Thorasic S/M T2 to T12, shunt in T9, Kyphosis at T9 of 26 degrees.

Right now i am feeling annoyed, frustrated, angry, and upset, i wish they would research things more here in New Zealand. What got me most is when they told us (after discussing what we learnt being at the ASAP conference) is that America does things different, and our health system is publically funded. Funny that.... again the Great DOLLAR RULES our health.

Postby pattip448 » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:02 am

Dont ya just love public healthcare! arghhhh. Maybe Kelli you should remind them you dont live in Botswana LOL (or pick another third world country of your choice)
I really dont know what the problems are with these doctors in public healthcare.
Is the hospital head ware of your situation? Maybe the docs have no idea of what to do , and the administrator does not even know about the difficulties Kahli is having. Are there any SM specialists they can refer Kahli to in Australia?

Good luck Kelli. My thoughts are with you.
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Postby Gracie Rose » Sat Aug 25, 2007 12:19 pm


Oh, how awful. We met you at the conference and she was such an angel. You must be worn out and so frustrated. We in the US are very lucky that evn with the frustration we always have another option(if you have the money, it's the almighty dolar here too).

Didn't you speak with Dr. B or Dr. Oro? All the docs were great there, maybe there's a way to get her evaluated here at the expense of a university hospital. If you google any of their names you should come up with an email address.

I know it sounds overwhelming, and nothing is ever as easy as it sounds.
I'll pray that something becomes obvious to do for you.

Has she been evaluated for tethered cord? I can't remember. I have the tethered cord screening questions from TCI if you need them.

Thinking of you,

Lisa in Washington, US
PS did you all have a good time in Disneyland?
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