MRI and Barium CT in one week?

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MRI and Barium CT in one week?

Postby memom » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:54 pm

I am concerened about the scheduling of up coming tests for MaryEmma. Her 6 month "follow up" MRI has been scheduled for Monday, Nov. 8th. (it has been scheduled for a few weeks now). Today, the GI specialist ordered a CT scan with barium and it is scheduled for 2 days after MRI. Although MaryEmma has not had issues with MRI and sedation before, it does seem to take a few days for her to bounce back. I am worried that the CT scan with contrast is too close to the MRI and her body may not process everything the way it should.

Has anyone else delt with anything like this? Did your child do okay? My gut is telling me to reschedule the CT scan for a later date.

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Re: MRI and Barium CT in one week?

Postby medicpt » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:25 pm

Hi Lauri,
If you doubt that she will do well with 2 tests in one week, you are probably right. Another thing that you may want to consider asking the GI doc or the diagnostic center if they use "image gently" for children. It is use of less radiation for children in diagnostic studies.

I hope that all goes well with MaryEmma's testing. My dtr, Elise will have her 3 month f/u MRI in early Jan. I am a bit nervous, hoping that everything will look fine. I pray that MaryEmma's MRI and CT turn out well.

Blessings, wendi2
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