complaint of bugs crawling

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complaint of bugs crawling

Postby medicpt » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:00 pm

hi all, My daughter is 3, had her PFD done on 9/30. She has had a pretty smooth recovery and symptoms are mostly resolved. However, last week she started complaining of "bugs crawling" on her. She is scratching her skin at her lower neck/shoulder blades and also said she had the sensation on her abdomen. It is winter and the air is dry, I am hoping that this is just dry skin.... but her skin does not look dry, and I have been moisturizing her. I am just kinda waiting to see how it proceeds, but has anyone else had this type of symptom? My experience from doing patient care is that the "bug crawling" complaint is often nerve related, but I am not so familiar with the Chiari population. Plus, given her age, I am not sure how the descriptor of her pain might change.

Thanks for your input, Wendi2
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Re: complaint of bugs crawling

Postby chrisw » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:16 pm

It always just breaks my heart when children are suffering and just can't describe the reason.

This could be the tingling/electric tickles some of us feel that the lyrica/neurotin blocks the transmittion or cymbalta stops the reception of the signals.

I really hope its just dry skin.

I also hate to mention this but I have had this feeling and attribute it to the syrinx then I atcually find a bug? A few years ago I ended up with a mess of flea bites from this um... mistake at a red roof inn... even this time of the year field mice can get into the house and give household pets fleas, or even worse, shudder, bedbugs! We have a infestation currently of stink bugs in VA and have caught a few walking on me this winter.

Good luck and best wishes.
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