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Postby jensma » Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:30 pm

can someone please tell me where to research pseudomeningocele? my 4 yr daughter has a "knot" at the top of her incision, i am WORRIED but dr says its ok! i have not found a site that explains to me what it is...what causes it u treat it?????? PLEASE people i need some help!

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Re: Pseudomeningocele????

Postby medicpt » Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:57 pm

Hi Jessica, A pseudomeningocele is a collection of cerebrospinal fluid, usually after surgery. It is often free flowing and may be without symptoms and can be treated conservatively. However, if your daughter is manifesting neurologic symptoms, it may need treatment.... like draining and reclosing the dura. It occurs when there is a leak of the dura. If your surgeon is not concerned and you are not seeing symptoms that are worrisome, then things may be fine. However, I think I would be a bit nervous if I saw that along my daughter's incision.....
Instead my daughter picked at her incision and it took 3 months to heal...... I kept trimming her nails, and washing her hair and hands hoping that it did not get infected..... my point being, that you are right to worry.... It is your daughter, you love her and you are her advocate....keep asking if you are not comfortable with the answers the physician gives.
Incidently, you can type in "pseudomeningocele" to a search engine, and get a fair number of sites.

Best wishes, I hope that your dtr does well.

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