increased dizzyness

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increased dizzyness

Postby dizzy » Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:30 pm

I have noticed the back of my head aand neck are getting painful and with any sudden turn or movement I feel dizzy and feel like I could fall or pass out, could this happen ?The positon of my neck seems to be very important, if I look up to much I also get the flashing lights in my vision. It seems to be getting worse everyday and I am being called back to work next week. I am afraid I might fall or pass out there, but need to work so I can get insurance to see the Dr.
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Re: increased dizzyness

Postby sarahlynn » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:55 pm


I have discomfort with pressurized dizziness with my neck. I have this feeling regardless if I stretch my neck or not. If I feel stiff, I stretch gently using exercises I had to do in physical therapy. I went to PT prior to my diagnosis, I am not sure if a NS knowledgeable in SM would recommend those stretches now.

I still do the stretches when I am feeling really stiff in the neck area. After stretching, I often have an increased pressurized dizzy feeling in the back of my neck, head area. I have a history of passing out, so I know those signs and so far, I have not gotten that far.

I read somewhere, I believe in the boards somewhere here, about not leaning your head back. I do feel very uncomfortable if I even try to do that movement.

I am new to the SM, but this has been my experience and my response to the discomfort. I know people can have vertigo with SM, but I do wonder if anyone has passed out from symptoms?

Take care,
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Re: increased dizzyness

Postby Syrinx810 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:53 pm

I have the exact same thing. Driving is very difficult for me because head turning in any direction causes the same issues. Do you lose your balance in the dark? I have night lights all over because if I go in a dark room I almost fall over. I wish I had something to offer you, but prayers are all I can offer.
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