Case Histories

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Case Histories

Postby alpowers01 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:21 pm

A battery of case histories could be very useful to both new and experienced CM/SM patients. The reasons are obvious, so I'll not try to list them. instead, I'll start this topic with my own. I suggest that the history be presented as succinctly and as objectively as possible.

    Mid-1950s - Age 15 - Laughing produced severe occipital headache that could be relieved by taking/holding a deep breath and pushing in on diaphragm. Dr. said it was "nothing worth bothering with."
    Mid-1960s - Laughing-induced headache disappeared.
    1975 - Burning sensation over torso in shawl-like pattern commenced/Was referred to neurosurgeon (Dr. Fager, Lahey Clinic)/Had myelogram/Underwent C3-4 laminectomy/C3-4 to T4 syrinx revealed/drained.
    1975-1995 - Monitoring N/S visits every two years - stable.
    1990-1995 - Symptoms began to progress very slowly: slight numbing of toes on rt ft/more noticeable burning of torso/MRI revealed CM1 and stable syrinx.
    1995-2010 - Bilateral numbing/tight feeling of both feet progressing up both legs to mid-thigh/feels like walking on sponges/some cramping in calves and feet when resting (relieved quickly with a heating pad)/mild hot pepper sensation in mouth and around lips/balance issues/stagger when turning head while walking/night sweats.
    2010 - L4 stenosis revealed by MRI - laminectomy performed (Dr. Subu Magge, Lahey Clinic) with the hope that it might address leg symptoms/MRI indicates CM1 and syrinx unchanged.
    2010-Present - Symptoms continuing to progress and am considering a PFD/Duraplasty as a means of slowing/haulting progression of symptoms
Feedback regarding this option will be appreciated.
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Re: Case Histories

Postby LANERS » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:34 pm

What is a pfd/ duraplasty?
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Re: Case Histories

Postby alpowers01 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:47 am

Laners - PFD = posterior fossa decompression (widening of the foramen magnum). Duraplasty = the opening of the dura and insertion of a membrane to facilitate the decompression of the cord. Sometimes the PFD is done without the duraplasty. Obviously, the duraplasty adds considerably to the complexity of the surgery and the likelihood of complications. The decision is made on a case by case basis.
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