complaint of "dizzy" eyes

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complaint of "dizzy" eyes

Postby medicpt » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:31 pm

I hope you Chiarians can help me. My dtr has Chiari, she is 6 and had her PFD in Sept 2010. She is doing very well overall. However, she has recently started complaining that at times her eyes feel "dizzy" I have taken her to an opthamologist who specializes in kids with Chiari. From his perspective she looks well. No damage to the optic nerve, nor evidence of increased intercranial pressure. His only thought was that she is suffering from eye fatigue and recommended initially trying over-the-counter reading glasses for her reading/screen time activities. However, she seems to still have this complaint at times when she is not concentrating for periods of time. My question is, do any of you have this complaint and can you describe it a bit better than maybe what I am getting from a 6yo so that I can better understand her complaint? Also, is it related to any other symptoms/difficulties with your Chiari that I should be concerned about? Is there anything you do to relieve the symptom? I just feel at a bit of a loss to help her. She rarely complains of headache but says at times her head hurts with this complaint. Thanks for your help.
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