Keeping a pain journal

If you have chronic pain keeping a pain journal can be a valuable tool. Keep track of your pain levels, triggers and occurrence. Make notes during the day when your pain is better and worse. Describe the type of pain (ache, burning, pressure, deep itch, creepy-crawlies, etc.) and where it located. It might also help to keep track of your diet. Certain foods may be responsible for an increase in pain. So if you notice on days with a high fat intake your pain suddenly gets worse, remove those foods from your diet and see if it helps. This can also be a tool to share with your doctor to determine therapy and medication prescriptions.


Those facing a condition that can drastically change their lives need support. Often it comes in the form of a stranger. It is hard for those who do not have a disorder to fully understand but someone who shares the condition even if you’ve never met them, does

ASAP 2013 Awards

We are grateful to all our volunteers who take part in the growth of ASAP, giving their knowledge, their skills and their time.


Our Helping Hand volunteers help keep ASAP running smoothly!  By giving their time, energy and/or talents, they help us to further our mission.

Coleen Callahan

John Curcuro  (Teesta)

Rain Deskins

Christine Grabowski

Sharron Lemon

Madeline London

Alexis Mark

Pat Masherelli

Maria Nicholas

Monica Reents

Maureen Routledge

Anna Tannreuther

Dan Tutrow

Preston Wells


Given to those volunteers who are committed to furthering the goals of ASAP by donating their time and talents to keep ASAP moving forward.

Blair Hagelgans

Shannane Hutter

Jennifer Schuler

Jennifer Lohse Schuler

Nanci Weissgold

Samantha Weissgold


Awarded to those volunteers whose continuous efforts go above and beyond.  You’re a shining example of volunteerism at its best!

Amber Barnes

Laurie Swihart

Harry & Florence Taubenfeld

Cathy Tufts


This award is given to the volunteer in recognition of exceptional service and contributions.  These volunteers play a vital role in helping ASAP open new doors!

Doug Kindlon

Melissa Sanders


ASAP’s most prestigious award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to further the efforts of our co-founder, Barbara White. Recipients demonstrate long-term commitment to the cause by being active in many areas of the organization.

Bobby Jones Open


Barbara Banick

Karen McFarland