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Miracle Flights is in the process of expanding our services to include flights to camps and conferences such as the upcoming ASAP’s Chiari & Syringomyelia Conference in Ann Arbor, MI. The following paragraphs explain in more detail the free travel service that we provide to families in need who cannot afford the cost of travel to life-saving medical treatment. Contact information is at end of email and attached is our latest annual community report.

In the case of a camp or a conference, the patient flown will need to have a consultation with a doctor during the camp / conference – in other words some kind of interaction would be part of the conference or camp cl inic. The consultation would not have to be as in a normal doctor visit, but some kind of face to face interaction. We will need the name of this medical professional on our flight form in order to provide the free travel in order to fulfill our IRS requirements as a 501c3 charitable organization. We can fly for free in the case of a child, two additional adult caregivers / parents and in the case of an adult one additional caregiver.

Miracle Flights for Kids flies both children and adults in need to wherever they need to go for medical treatment, and we are providing flights for International patients, so anyone from Mexico, Canada or elsewhere is able to apply. They will need additional documentation – Visa, passports of course and a minimum lead time of 21 business days is required for us to organize but 60 days if possible.

We coordinate travel on commercial airlines for a patient, child or adult, who must travel out-of-state to receive specialized medical care that is not available to them in the community in which they live. We provide travel as many times as needed. The patient must be physically stable to fly on a commercial airline and be able to sit upright in a commercial airline seat. We provide travel for one, or both, parents to fly with a child patient or caregivers for an adult. As long as the child is able to sit upright in an airplane seat (over age 2) or on the lap of his/her parent (under age 2), then we can provide assistance. An adult patient’s caregiver ticket may also be provided as long as one, or both, physicians also document in the body of their required letter why it is medically necessary for the patient to travel with a caregiver. The caregiver must accompany the patient on both the departure and return dates.

If you know of a family or adult who would like to apply for flight assistance for established medical appointments, please have them go to our website and click the link on the Home Page that says “Request a Flight”. They will be directed to the page where there are links to documents that must be downloaded, completed, and faxed or emailed to us. We ask that all documents from the applicant, as well as the required documents from both physicians, be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the departure date. However, we may still be able to provide assistance on shorter notice, if necessary, but we ask that applicants provide as much lead time as possible. Please note that no documents may be signed or dated older than 60 days prior to the first scheduled appointment. This provides us with the most lead time possible. We cannot coordinate flights until all required documents are received. We assist economically disadvantaged families so, if they are uncertain whether or not they qualify financially, please have them call our office before completing the documents to ensure eligibility.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Simply call our office and ask to speak to a representative in the Flight Department.

Thank you,

Charles Courtney

Resource Development Officer

Miracle Flights for Kids


Rebecca Boyce

Director of Flight Operations

Miracle Flights for Kids

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2015 Speakers Confirmed

July 22-25, 2015
Marriott at Eagle Crest
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Cormac Mayer, MD
University of Michigan Health System

Speakers: Allison Ashley-Koch, PhD, Duke University; Rajiv Bapuraj, MD, University of Michigan; Ulrich Batzdorf, MD, UCLA; Paolo Bolognese, MD, NSPC; Wade Cooper, MD, University of Michigan; Leon Dure, MD, University of Alabama; David Frim, MD, University of Chicago; John Heiss, MD, National Institutes of Health; Tim George, Dell Children’s Hospital: Bermans Iskandar, MD, University of Wisconsin,/Madison; Robert Keating, MD, Children’s National Medical Center; Roger Kula, TCI; Lance LaCerte, PsyD; Steve Leber, MD, University of Michigan; Dave Limbrick, MD, Washington University; Cormac Maher, MD, University of Michigan health System; Bryn Martin, PhD, University of Akron; Karin Muraszko, MD University of Michigan; Julie Piazza, University of Michigan; Andrew Ringer, University of Cincinnati; Brandon Rocque, MD, University of Alabama; Vikram Shakkotai, MD, University of Michigan; Nate Stetson, MS DO, Neuroscience Specialist, PC; Aintzane Urbizu, PhD, University of Akron; Nick Wetjen, MD, Mayo Clinic