2017 Conference Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peek at some of the speakers and the topics they will present during the ASAP Chiari & Syringomyelia Conference July 19-23?
This is what you will find on Thursday’s agenda:This is a preliminary agenda and schedule to change.

    Syringomyelia Not Associated with Chiari I Malformation Or Arachnoiditis presented by John Heiss, NIH
    Indications for Fusion in Pediatric Chiari I Malformation presented by Richard Anderson, Columbia
    Non-Dural Opening, Current State of The State presented by Neil Feldstein, Columbia
    “Representing and Intervening. How Meets Why, Meets Who ,Meets When”. The Objective Of The Lecture Is To Explore The Relation Between Anatomical Explanations, Clinical Symptoms And Proposed Treatment presented by Jorge Lazareff, UCLA
    Craniocervical Fusion in Adult Complex Chiari and Condylar Screws – Adults presented by Paolo Bolognese, CNSC
    Pathogenesis and Clarification of Chiari Am Formations: Morphometric Analyses Of The Posterior Cranial Fossa And Craniovertebral Junction – Combined With Surgical Management Of Chiari Malformations Based On The Pathogenesis And Mechanisms Of Tonsillar Decent presented by Misao Nishikawa,Osaka, Japan
    SM And CMI: Classification and Clinical Diagnosis presented by Palma Ciaramitaro, Consorzio Chiari Torino
    Incidental CMI presented by Robert Keating, Washington Children
    Fluid Dynamics Ear& Brain, Cochlear Vestibular System And Tinnitus. A Clinical Protocol for Diagnosis and Treatment In Chiari Patients presented by Abe Shulman, SUNY Brooklyn
    Principles of Surgical Management of Chiari I Malformation presented by Ian Heger, Medical College of Georgia
    Physical Therapy Evaluation And Treatment Of The Neck And Upper Extremities For The Person With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
    presented by Kevin Muldowney, Rhode Island
    Syringomyelia: Basics About Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, And Principles Of Surgical Management presented by Tina Loven, St Louis, MO
    Engineering-Based Methods For Static And Dynamic Assessment Of Chiari Malformation presented by Bryn Martin, Akron, Ohio
    EDS (Running Title) presented by Rodney Grahame, UK
    Clinical Outcome Scales And Prediction Tools For Surgical Outcomes In Chiari Malformation presented by Nicholas Wetjen, Mayo Clinic

2017 ASAP Conference

Conference Speakers

The following speakers have agreed to participate in the ASAP annual conference:

Richard Anderson (Columbia)
Allison Ashley-Koch (Duke)
Marat Avshalumov (IOM at NSPC)
Ulrich Batzdorf (UCLA)
Ghassan Bejjani (UPMC)
Paolo Bolognese (Chiari NSC)
Andrew Brodbelt (Liverpool, UK)
Marco Castori (Rome, Italy)
Palma Ciaramitaro (Turin, Italy)
Brian Dlouhy (Univ. Iowa)
Robert Duarte (NYS Pain Society)
Neil Feldstein (Columbia)
Clair Francomano (Harvey Inst.)
David Frim (Univ. Chicago)
Lorenzo Genitori (Florence, Italy)
Timothy George (Dells’ Children)
Atul Goel (Mumbai, India)
David Goldstein (NIH)
Rodney Grahame (London, UK)
Gerald Grant (Stanford)
Dan Heffez (Chiari Institute, WI)
Ian Heger (MCG)
John Heiss (NIH)
Fraser Henderson (Metro NSG Group)
Bermans Iskandar (Univ. Wisconsin)
Robert Keating (Washington Children)J Klekamp (Quakenbruck, Germany)
Petra Klinge (Brown)
Ilzumi Koyanagi (Hokkaido, Japan)
Roger Kula (Chiari NSC)
Lance LaCerte (Aurora, CO)
Jorge Lazareff (UCLA)
David Limbrick (Wash Univ. St Louis)
Yung Liu (Beijing, China)
Kenneth Liu (UVA)
Yongli Lou (Zhengzhou, China)
Tina Loven (Mercy Clinic, MO)
Cormac Maher (Univ. Michigan)
Anne Maitland (Mt. Sinai)
D Marino (Canine Chiari Institute)
Bryn Martin (Univ. Akron)
Arnold Menezes (Univ. Iowa)
John Mitakides (Beavercreek, OH) Alon Mogilner (NYU)
Kevin Muldowney (Rhode Island) Misao Nishikawa (Osaka, Japan)
Ed Oldfield (UVA)
Fabrice Parker (Paris, France)
Harold Rekate (Chiari Institute, NY)
Brandon Rocque (UAB)
Peter Rowe (Johns Hopkins)
Juan Sahuquillo (Barcelona, Spain)
Francesco Sala (Verona, Italy)
Wouter Schievink (Cedars Sinai)
Victor Shakhnovic (Moscow)
Abe Shulman (SUNY Brooklyn) Konstantin Slavin (Univ. Illinois)
Mark Souweidane (Cornell)
Marcus Stoodley (Sidney, Australia) Charles Tator (Toronto, Canada)
Laura Valentini (Milan, Italy)
Monica Wehby (Portland, OR)
Nicholas Wetjen (Mayo Clinic)
Jeffrey Wisoff (NYU)
Shokei Yamada (Loma Linda, CA)