Next Generation Making a Difference

Emma-Leigh is a a 15 year old diagnosed with syringomyelia. In October she volunteered at a local haunted house to raise money and awareness for ASAP. The haunted house is run by the United Volunteers of Maine and the volunteers select the nonprofit they want to received their compensation. Emma’s mother wrote, “Halloween is Emma-Leigh’s favorite celebration… she enjoyed raising every penny.”

Miss Teen Yucaipa

My name is Elisa Torrance and I am so honored to be the 2019 Miss Teen Yucaipa Titleholder!

I am a Sophomore at Yucaipa High School who is an athlete and often thought of as an “old soul” due to my love for tradition! I am a classic girl who finds pearls appropriate at every occasion. I am absolutely ecstatic to be representing my community!

I will be promoting my platform, “American Syringomyelia & Chiari Alliance Project”

This platform has a special place in my heart as I personally was diagnosed at eight years old with Syringomyelia. A chronic progressive spinal disease.

This will increase awareness towards finding a cure and support others to understand we can get through this together! As you can grow STRONGER 💪🏼

💙 Elisa Torrance 💛
Miss Teen Yucaipa 2019