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ASAP Celebrates 25 years

NEW Scoliosis and Syringomyelia in Children presented by Anthony Scaduto, MD (click on title to view video)

Natural History of Incidental Chiari

Robert Keating, MD

Which Patients with CMI Are Most Likely to Benefit from surgical Treatment
John Heiss, MD

Pain in children with Syringomyelia
Lonnie Zeltzer, MD

Acupuncture as Part of a Comprehensive Approach in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Pain
Ka Kit Hui, MD

On Shared Decisions: Patient, Family and Physician, Jorge Lazafeff, MD

The Role of the Bioplate in Treatment of Chiari-related Problems, Langston Holly, MD

Chiari, Syrinx and Scoliosis, Cormac Maher, MD

Research, Bryn Martin, PhD

The Relationship between Obesity and Chiari Abnormalities, Sandi Lam, MD

Effectively Managing your Weight and Food Choices for Health, Susan Dopart

2012 Conference Videos click here to view

    • Genetic dissection of Chiari Type I Malformation, Allison Ashley-Koch, PhD


    • Pathophysiology of Chiari I Malformation and Syringomyelia, John Heiss, MD


    • Comorbidities, Midline Abnormalities, Dysraphism, Gerald Grant, MD


    • Spinal Issues-Scoliosis and Tethered Cord, Laurel Blakemore, MD


    • Pediatric and Adult CMI Comparisons, David Pincus, MD


    • Tethered Cord, Suresh Magge, MD


    • Headaches: Strategies for Diagnosis and Management, Mark DiSabella, DO


    • Holistic and Alternative Medicine, Keith Bell


    • Approaches to Pain Management, Ann Berger, MD


    Surgery for the Adult CMI, John Oro, MD


Chiari I Malformations:
Robert Keating, MD

Reclaiming Your Health
Gerard L. Guillory, MD
Learn about reducing inflammation, the benefits of probiotics, things to avoid, and much more