Conditions - 2018 ASAP Conference Videos

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Arachnoid Cyst, arachnoiditis and Syringomyelia presented by John d Heiss,MD NIH/NINDS

Decision Tree for Treatment of Chiari presented by Erol Veznedaroglu, MD Drexel Philadelphia

The Nuances Of Management Of “Uncomplicated” Chiari I Malformation presented by Eric Trumble, MD

Craniocervical Morphometrics and Chiari presented by Cormac Maher, MD University of Michigan

CSF Disorders Related to Chiari I presented by Herbert Fuchs, MD Duke

Panel Question and Answers with Doctors Erol Veznedaroglu, Eric Trumble, Cormac Maher, herbert Fuchs, Hal Rekate and Holly Gilmer

Chiari I and Dysautonomia: Occipitocervical Instability presented by Hal Rekate, MD

Occult Tethered Cord presented by Holly Gilmer, MD

Neurologic And Neurosurgical Manifestations Of EDS presented by Paolo Bolognese, MD

Chiari I:Surgical Principles & Avoiding Treatment Failure presented by John Oro, MD

Panel Discussion: Hyper-mobility vs Instability moderator Harold Rekate, MD


Chiari and Pregnancy presented by Roger Kula, MD

The Autonomic Nervous System, Chronic Pain and Chiari/Syringomyelia presented by Ian Heger, MD

Inpatient Management of Pain in Children presented by Jacob Eichenberger, MD

Taking Chiari and Associated Disorders to School presented by Suzanne Oro, MSN, RN

Neuro-psych Issues with Chronic Pain presented by Michael Westerveld, MD

Update: The PCORI-Supported Clinical Trial: Posterior Fossa Decompression with or without Duroplasty for Chiari Type I Malformation with Syringomyelia presented by Dave Limbrick, MD

Chiari and Cognition _ Fiction Or Reality presented by Petra Klinge, MD

Neuroinflammation: The Gut-Brain Axis presented by John Oro, MD

Panel Discussion with Dr John Oro, Sr Saul Wilson and Tyrone DeSpenza, PhD answer audience questions about genetics, CINE MRI, Restrictions, etc.