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Points Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Q; I would like to take part in the program but I do not have a computer or internet access, what should I do?

A: If you are without computer or internet access, you may still participate.  Call our office for further details.

Q:  I am participating in a walk and I have assembled a team, how will my points be awarded?

A:  In a team situation, if there is only one program participant, all points are awarded to that individual.  Simply direct team members to donate through the program participants personal fundraising page.  In the event that there is two or more program participants on a given team, those participants will direct the team members who are not participating in the program which personal fundraising page to make their donations.

Example:  Team Blue has 6 team members, only two, Bill and Mary, are participants in the L.E.A.R.N. points program.  Bill has recruited three members for the team and Mary has recruited two.  The division of points is determined simply by having Bill’s recruits make their donations to his personal fundraising page, and Mary’s recruits to her fundraising page.

Q: If I am raising funds for a walk, why does the event organizer receive 10% of my points?

A: An individual who organizes a fundraiser dedicates many hours of their own personal time towards organizing that event.  That person is providing a platform for you to market your individual fundraising page, and is entitled to a share of the “points” that their fundraiser will generate.

Q: I am organizing an event, why don’t I get all the points from all money raised by all individual participants for my event?

A:  The program has been designed to provide an incentive for program participants to take part in events without forfeiting all the points earned by them.  Bear in mind that as the event organizer you receive credit for all other funds raised by the event, i.e. auctions, raffles, food/drink sales, 50/50 etc.

Q: By the deadline (May 31) I have raised only 4800 points, will I be able to go to the conference?

A:  We have done our best to make this program fair for all.  Many of our members have raised over $6000 by just organizing a walk!  The program was designed to provide the potential for anyone wishing to attend ASAP’s national conference, the ability to do so.  An individual must earn 5000 points to be eligible to attend, anything less will not qualify.

Q:  I have 6000 points, after using 5000 to attend the conference, what happens to the remaining points?

A: All points above the 5000 point threshold will rollover into next years program.  If ASAP chooses to discontinue the L.E.A.R.N points program, any remaining points hold no value.

Q:  I held a fundraiser prior to the start of this program, am I eligible for any points?

A:  This program is retroactive to June 1, 2011.  Only points earned after that date are eligible in accordance with the rules stated above.

Q:  I have never run an event before, will an ASAP board member come to help me run my event?

A:  Yes, ASAP oftentimes has a board member in attendance at any given fundraiser.  Even though our board members volunteer their time, there are inherent costs in their attendance at an event, i.e. mileage/airfare/hotel.   In the interest of fairness within the points program, even though there is no cost in having a board member attend, the expense of having that board member attend will be deducted from the gross proceeds from your event.

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ’s. please contact our office at (903) 236-7079

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