The Chiari I Abnormality in Childhood


Figure 22So to sum it up, [see Figure 22] we had 45 kids, the symptoms resolved in 22 out of 45. Now resolved means, we looked at 16 parameters (we call them prognosticators) we look at 16 parameters from our database and if all 16 are met then thats called resolved. If its been improved it
means that even if 1/16 has not gotten better but the majority has we say improved, thats 19 out of the 45. So in 4 out of those patients, meaning a little less than 10% they didnt get better and our concern was at that time was Figure 17

"why?" And it still is. Go back to the root cause, something hasnt gone right. Could be the scarring, reformation of bone, or something else might have happened or they became unstable and we found that if you went back youd be able to correct the situation in 2 out of those 4. My usual line up is that if I’m given 30 minutes to talk I’ll try to take only 20 minutes to give you chances if you have any burning questions.

Thank you.


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