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Project title:  ASAP Chiari Research Fellow
Principal Investigator: Bryn A. Martin, PhD
Institution: University of Idaho, Department of Biological Engineering
Period of Performance: January 2019-December 2020

Award: $47,084.00
Summary of Research: This project will be carried out by a fully funded Graduate Research Assistant fully dedicated to the project. The fellow’s dissertation is focused specifically on Type I Chiari malformation (CMI).   He/she  will train under the supervision of Dr. Bryn Martin an expert in CMI research having conducted numerous studies as a Principal Investigator.  He has completed over 25 peer reviewed papers in the area of CMI and related cerebrospinal fluid disorders.  The proposed research will determine if brain motion is indicative of symptomatic CMI by (a) developing a tool to quantify brain tissue motion and strain in CMI and (b) using the tool to quantify brain tissue motion and stain in CMI patients pre- and post-decompression surgery and controls.