International Collaboration

In our continuing effort to fulfill our mission statement, ASAP initiated the founding of an international collaboration. Recognizing that collaborating with other groups would better serve the larger community, ASAP  invited groups from other countries to participate in the 2017 ASAP Annual Conference.

Attending the conference were representatives from the United States, France, Italy, China and England. Also participating was Spain who could not attend but sent a video. The International collaboration welcomed Ireland in 2018.

All parties were in agreement that this coalition would work towards sharing information regarding research, treatment modalities, quality of care issues, newest surgical techniques and education etc. Further decided was that each year a different country would host an annual conference to include doctors, leaders of recognized nonprofits and other interested parties. This annual meeting would serve as a platform for all parties to share information and experiences that would benefit the larger global community.

The first meeting of the International collaboration was held in July of 2017 in the United States on LI, the 2nd meeting was held in July 2018 in Birmingham, England and the last meeting was held in November 2019 in Milan, Italy.

Our meeting will be help in 2024-25 in France.

We look forward to continuing this effort and garnering further support from groups around the world to bring a positive impact to all those affected by these disorders.