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Since 1989 the ASAP national conference has been an invaluable resource for patients, caregivers and professionals. World-renowned medical specialists present the latest research, developments, treatment methods and much more for Chiari malformation, Syringomyelia and related disorders. 

The LEARN Points Program was designed to give back to ASAP members and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in our conference. Join us each year as we bring together the CM/SM community.

How it Works

We expanded the LEARN Points prizes with additional discounts to our annual conference.

LEARN Points are available to all ASAP members. Membership is free to anyone interested in joining our cause.

Participants receive one point for each dollar donated by sponsors to their personal fundraising page. For fundraising events (walks, dinners, etc.), points are awarded for the NET contribution (gross less expenses).

Trade-in your points for discounts to our annual conference.

To get started, set up your personal fundraising page here!

  1. All participants must set up a personal fundraising page to register for the program. Existing personal fundraising pages are automatically registered.
  2. For every dollar donated, the participant will be awarded one point ($1 = one point).
  3. All points above or below the 3500-point threshold will rollover into next year’s program. If ASAP chooses to discontinue the LEARN points program, any remaining points hold no value.
  4. Round trip airfare is booked and paid for by participants. Reimbursement is available for one standard ticket up to $500 for every 3500 points earned. ASAP will provide a reimbursement form to be filled out and returned to our office no later than 2 weeks after the event. There is no reimbursement for any other travel expenses, i.e., sightseeing, cab, airport shuttle etc.
  5. If a participant elects to drive, round trip mileage to the conference venue is reimbursed at .50 cents per mile up to $350 for every 3500 points earned. Final mileages will be verified by ASAP. The provided reimbursement form must be filled out and returned to our office no later than 2 weeks after the event. Additional travel expenses are not eligible for reimbursement, i.e., sightseeing, tolls, cab, shuttle, airport transportation etc.
  6. Accrued points have no cash value. There are no reimbursements other than those outlined above.
  7. Participants are responsible for any and all costs not included in the conference registration, i.e., meals, charges to hotel room, gift shop purchases, etc. All additional purchases and expenses are the participant’s sole responsibility.
  8. There are no reimbursements for unused points. ASAP reserves the right to make the final decision regarding validity of all claims for reimbursement.
  9. All risks associated with attendance at the conference belong to the participant. Participants agree to hold ASAP harmless against any claims resulting from that participants’ attendance at the ASAP national conference.
  10. ASAP reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notification.
  11. Program runs retroactively from July 1, until June 30. Contact our office to trade-in your points and request a reimbursement form.

Q: I am participating in a walk and I have assembled a team. How will my points be awarded?

A: In a team situation, if there is only one program participant, all points are awarded to that individual. Simply direct team members to donate through the program participant’s personal fundraising page. If there are two or more program participants on a given team, those participants will direct the team members who are not participating in the program which personal fundraising page to make their donations.

Example: Team Blue has 6 team members, only two, Bill and Mary, are participants in the LEARN points program. Bill has recruited three members for the team and Mary has recruited two. The division of points is determined simply by having Bill’s recruits make their donations to his personal fundraising page, and Mary’s recruits to her fundraising page.

Q: If I am raising funds for a walk, why does the event organizer receive 10% of my points?

A: An individual who organizes a fundraiser dedicates many hours of their own personal time towards organizing that event. That person is providing a platform for you to market your individual fundraising page and is entitled to a share of the “points” that their fundraiser will generate.

Q: I am organizing an event. Why don’t I get all the points from all the money raised by all individual participants for my event?

A: The program has been designed to provide an incentive for program participants to take part in events without forfeiting all points earned by them. Bear in mind that as the event organizer you receive credit for all other funds raised by the event, i.e. auctions, raffles, food/drink sales, 50/50 etc.

Q: By the deadline (June 30) I have raised only 3000 points. Will I be able to go to the conference?

A: We strive to make this program fair for all. If you do not reach the required 3500 points, your points can roll over to the next year. Surplus points over 3500 can also roll over to the next year.

Contact us with questions or create your fundraising page to get started.