Below is a list of publications that resulted from ASAP funded research. Click on title for more information.

Phenotypic definition of Chiari type I malformation coupled with high-density SNP genome screen shows significant evidence for linkage to regions on chromosomes 9 and 15.
Boyles AL, Enterline DS, Hammock PH, Siegel DG, Slifer SH, Mehltretter L, Gilbert JR, Hu-Lince D, Stephan D, Batzdorf U, Benzel E, Ellenbogen R, Green BA, Kula R, Menezes A, Mueller D, Oró JJ, Iskandar BJ, George TM, Milhorat TH, Speer MC.

Asymptomatic Chiari Type I malformations identified on magnetic resonance imaging.
Meadows J, Kraut M, Guarnieri M, Haroun RI, Carson BS

A genetic hypothesis for Chiari I malformation with or without syringomyelia.
Marcy C. Speer, Timothy M. George, David S. Enterline, Amy Franklin, Chantelle M. Wolpert, and Thomas H. Milhorat

Syringomyelia hydrodynamics: an in vitro study based on in vivo measurements.
Martin BA, Kalata W, Loth F, Royston TJ, Oshinski JN